“Future Green Micro Systems Inc.

Future Green Micro Systems Inc.(RASA)

 Semiconductor industries are wide and they have promising future. for many year Iranian specialist and policy makers have desired to developed semiconductor  industry in IR.Iran. the appearance of MEMS technology in recent years has brought new opportunities in the semiconductor filed. MEMS technology has very similarity with semiconductor technology, but it is very simpler than semiconductor technology.

“RASA Co.”

founders started their activities in this in 2005 in micro mechanisms group at Amirkabir University  of Technology. Three years later in 2008 they continued their progress in Amirkabir University New Technology Institute  with other name called “Micro Technology Group”. The main purpose of this group was to fabricate MEMS devices and to establish a lab for this group was known by MEMS Research Center.

In 2012 professor Brazandeh who has graduated from US with expertise in MEMS Technology, established “Micro Technology Laboratory” . Since then, the lab was called “Micro Technology Center”. They focused on 5 main fields:

  • Developing advanced materials
  • Design and fabrication MEMS sensors
  • Developing MEMS processes
  • Using 3D printing of unconventional materials
  • Fabrication of MEMS devices and Microfluidics for customer

 Micro Technology Center” changed its name to” Future Green Micro Systems Inc.”and officially affiliated  to “Amirkabir University of Technology” and new Technology Institute”.

Since its foundation, “Future Green Micro Systems Inc.” has been worked to “IRANKHODRO Co.”,”MAPNA” and Research Training Center of University. Also conduct joint projects with CNRS lab in France and Fraunhofer in Germany and DIGST university in south Korea.

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Lab equipments