Smart tag

Smart Tag is one of FGM’s products to connect any object it is installed on. In fact it converts object to IOT items. Smart Tag can be installed on products, repair devices, electromotors and equipment in the production line. In this way the motor performance, fleet tracking or inventory management is done online.

Smart Tag is one of the inventions of FGM which is registered with the patent office. Depends on its design, when installed on products, it may provide ID, location or environmental information. This information is transmitted wirelessly. The following figure shows different forms of Smart Tag.

Installing smart tags is easy and fast. In magnetic models it is plug & work. It is almost possible to install it on any device. By installing it on any device or product, it will be connected. The level of this connectivity depends on the type of Smart Tag. Active models can have data storage. In the diagram, the specifications of a variety of smart tags are reviewed.


Smart tag cannot be installed on hot surfaces. The maximum temperature can be as high as of 150 degrees Celsius. Its active type can measure and report the performance parameters of electromotors (energy consumption, loading, rotor condition, temperature and cooling conditions, vibration and bearing conditions) online. It can be equipped with micro GPS to track fleets, products and equipment inside and outside the factory. Smart tags allow continuous tracking of equipment in the repair shop instead of receiving information offline and periodically.