FGM Smart Factory Platform

Why Smart Connected Factory?

The current competitive economic environment, has forced manufacturers to take corrective measures to improve production processes and to increase control over product quality. The ultimate goal is to produce low cost quality products while increasing productivity.

 This means real-time access to information, quick decision and reacting in a timely manner, which is inevitable without having an integrated intelligent information management and analysis system. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and digital innovations create extraordinary opportunities to create valuable data and increase the productivity of production processes. 

Large industries such as oil and gas, steel, petrochemicals, cement and mining are among the largest manufacturing artifacts. Many equipment such as sensors, motors, valves, heaters, furnaces, tanks, tubes… must work continuously without failure to achieve the desired output. 

 It may be asked while there are already sensors, valves, gauges… to protect sensitive equipment as well as systems such as SAP and SCADA to monitor the site, why should the management think of Smart Connected Factory. It is important to know that:

  • Systems such as SAP and SCADA relay on their database, which is filled manually.
  • Current hardware monitor the main equipment, not their components and control devices.
  • They require heavy volume of wiring to transmit data, which is expensive,complicated difficult to implement or repair.

In addition, how to ensure if maintenance crew are doing their job correctly? Or make adjustments according to the regulations and do not overload the system?


  • Do you know that timely and correct maintenance reduces more than 20% of production costs and increase the lifetime of machineries?
  • Are the health conditions of personnel important? How to find out about it?
  • What would happen if the management and supervisors could watch everything via a tablet?


Measurement of vibrational and temperature points in order to evaluate the condition of the device

 Fleet monitoring in smart factory platform implemented by FGM 

FGM solution for smart factory

Our solution is a combination of IoT, artificial intelligence, digital twins and augmented reality. This e components of this solution are as follows:

FGM Smart Factory Solution