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News to release

Were Proud to announce that our company”Futuer Green Micro System(RASA)”is now the unthorized and exclusve distribater for”Sysbel” in HSE market in IRAN.

About Sysbel

SYSBEL®(Shanghai Sysbel Industry & Technology Co., Ltd.) is a company devoted to environment protection & employee safety and health. With a manufacturing factory of 5000 ㎡ and over 120 working staffs, SYSBEL® team are committed to researching and producing the world’s leading safety products, including the Safety Containment Systems (SCS), Spill Prevention, Containment & Control (SPCC) and Eye Wash Systems (EWS). Currently in China and around the world exists SYSBEL authorized distributors and partners. We will continue to provide our loyal customers with SYSBEL quality products through the intensive distributors.