Chemical products company

This solution is applied for removing paint or other surface coating materials from metals and other mechanical components. Unlike the same paint strippers which is used widely, coating materials wouldn’t solve in this product. For this reason, the paint stripper can be filtered and be used for several times. From this point of view, this product has economical advantage for consumer

This solution has capability of removing thick layer and cured paints without damaging the metal surfaces. The performance temperature of this solution is between 80-85  centigrade degree.


Capable of peeling paint.

It can be used for several times.

Using biodegradable materials in preparing solution.

With this way of separating paint from surface, the disposal of paint residual is easier.

Capable of removing thick layer and cured paints.

This solution has health, technical and safety confirmation from IRAN KHODRO.

The paint stripper solution is green and compatible with environment.

The use of this solution is safe for operators.