What is a spill kit?


Do you know ?…

What to do at the time chemicals spill?

Liquids spread,based on the type and activating of chemical liquids, the spill may cause serious problems.

 The studs shows, most of the people are not aware of the cornect reaction at the time of spill. RASA is proud to offer its spill kit product is contrel ard absorb chemicals at the time of spill.This is the first time this product is gran. Itis easy is use the spill kit.Using this product accelerate the process of normalizing your work environment.  



Spill Kit is now available in five forms and packaging Roll, Sock, Pillow, Pad and Bulk each of them has its own specific application.







The product is a dry  sand-like.material, Once spill occurs, sufficient spill kit(inou of the  five forms)is located on chemical. A type of the spill kit not only absorbs but also neutralize  acid or base Roll but also absorbs them. The spill kit can be discarded easily once is consumed . At the end, if needed, the surface can be washed and wiped out.

During the accident, immediate reaction is cursed. The first action should be limit the spread of  material. This action gives you enough time for the best decision this is done by sock. It is noteworthy to mention that sock has limited capacity and it cannot be used for long time.

To absorb enclosed liquid, in sock,  bulk, pad or pillow packing can be applied. For clean rooms and sterile environments such as pharmaceutical laboratories, pad or pillow packing prefered to avoid further contamination. 

For public spaces like workshops or industrial units where dust is not an item, bulk spill kit is recommended.

Bulk spill kit is more economical, but with more time  to spend for cleaning. Different bulk spill kit  is supplied is 20 and25 kg package.

At the end, when the conditionis normal condition, spill kit can be collected. If bulk spill kit is used, Sweeping  is common to collect the spill kit.