New Products and Services

 Spill Kit/Absorbent Kit for Liquids

Most of liquids spread rapidly at the time they spill on surface. Depending on their type and activity, it may cause serious damages. Individuals who work with such materials usually don’t have proper knowledge/ equipment to respond wisley. R&D crew in RASA introduced a new spill kit, for the first time in IRAN, to handle this situation. 

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We are also proud to announce that ”Future Green Micro System (RASA)”is now SYSBEL authorized and exclusive distributor for”HSE products in IRAN.

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Reusable  green paint  stripper

Unlike conventional paint removers, which dissolve paints to remove it, RASA PS solvent, peel off paints layers. The big advantage of this technique is lack of harmful residue to be disposed. In conventional paint removers, disposing the consumed solvent is always a problem.  With RASA paint stripper, the remover may be used time over time without any need to change or dispose it. The remover is designed to  pill of paint layers from from metals and mechanical components. Currently RASA is selling the product to automotive industries to remove paint from jigs and fixtures in production line.This product has  a great economical advantage for consumers.

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Mask writing service 

Mask writing is the heart of MEMS and chip manufacturing process. Several masks are required to build a chip. RASA Co. is proud to offer mask writing service for the first time in Iran for blank chromium masks up to five inches. The minimum feature size is four micron. features less than this is negotiable.

Scholars, students, industries and individuals who work on MEMS and Microfluidic, may benefit from this service. Applicants should provide their mask file at the time of service. To find out how to prepare your mask file please click the following link.

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Activities & Services

Sensor Designing And Manufacturing

  • G-Switch
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Humidity Temperature  Tag
  • Micro-accelerometer
  • Gas sensor

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  •  Negative and positive tone photoresists
  • Wafers, Raw masks, Targets
  • Photoresist  Developer&Remover
  • Spill Kit
  • Etchants ( Au, Cr, Etc)
  • Unconventional resins for 3D printing
  • Green reusable paint  stripper
  • Industrial cleaners& solvents

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Laboratory Services

  • Lithography
  • Mask Design and Fabrication
  • Microfluidics
  • Surface Profiler
  • Roughness Measurement
  • Spin Coating
  • Sputtering
  • Surface analysis

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Other services

  • Custom made sensors design on customer order
  • Designing test equipment on customer’s request
  • Manufacturing of certain chemicals
  • Development of unconventional printable resins

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Training Workshops

  • microfluidic workshop
  • Lithography workshop
  • Process design workshop
  • Others, based on request

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Rasa News

  •  After the fruitful negotiation, RASA is now the authorized and exclusive distributor for Sysbel in HSE market in IRAN.
  • RASA” Research Team announced: For the first time in Iran, the service of “Lithography Mask making” is available for all applicants.
  • The first batch of “RASA Green Paint Remover (PS5 RASA) “delivered to IRANKHODRO at the eve of IRANIAN NEW YEAR.Recoverability, is the significant property of “PS5 RASA”
  • Ceramic Resin Development for 3D printers with the Foundry ability is now included in “RASA” services.
  • “ RASA “ Research Team rely on the 2 years study ,started the project of “ HIGH ASPECT RATIO “ using thick photo resist for metal electroplating up to 50 -100 µ