Industrial Automation and Monitoring Microchip for animal identification Spill Kit (HSE)

Today’s competitive environment with rising customer expectations have led manufacturers to think on producing higher quality products with lower cost. This is not possible without the automatic identification of objects, personnel, livestock and equipment as well as online collection of their performance data for immediate management decision-making.

Data recording must be without human intervention and requires a system that through IoT, digital twins, simulation and augmented reality connect systems and provide valuable data to increase productivity (low cost production, lower energy consumption and higher quality). For this reason, the Future Green Micro Systems Inc.has made the field of industrial automation as one of its priorities and has provided solutions for Connected Intelligent Factory.

RFID is widely recognized in  industries as a reliable and efficient technology for tracking. As a result they are used to manage livestock units. They provide several advantages including accurate recording of animals’ count, location, details of nutrition, weight, and more. 

In addition, ranching accounts for a large share of the greenhouse gas emissions. Cows account for approximately 40% -45% of global methane emissions. However, methane emissions from cattle can be reduced by up to 30%. Methane formation can be eliminated by real-time livestock management, precision feeding, and green feeding. The amount of methane emitted by an animal can be measured by RFID readers and other equipment. Also, installing RFID tags on the animal will reduce the animal’s overeating or malnutrition. RASA provides effective solutions for livestock management.

Most liquids disperse quickly when spilled on a surface. Depending on the type and reactivity of the liquid, this unwanted dispersion can cause serious damage. usuallv people do not have the knowledge and equipment to react properly.

They may use water to clean up. Water itself may deteriorate the scenario in some cases and cause consequences.

In addition application of wrong tool to control the spill may take time to return the scene to normal.

Industry is looking for an efficient and safe method to return the site into normal condition as fast as possible.

Future Green Micro Systems Inc. is proud to offer a liquid absorber package called Spill Kit to control and absorb the spill quickly. This product is easy to use and can return the accident site to normal in the shortest time.

Industrial Animals Spill Kit