New Products

Spill kit to absorb chemicals at the time of spill 

Do you know ?…

What to do at the time chemicals spill?

Liquids spread,based on the type and activating of chemical liquidsthe spill may cause serious problems.

 The studs showsmost of the people are not aware of the cornect reaction at the time of spill. RASA is proud to offer its spill kit product is contrel ard absorb chemicals at the time of spill.This is the first time this product is gran. Itis easy is use the spill kit.Using this product accelerate the process of normalizing your work environment.  

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Reusable  paint  stripper

This solution is applied for removing paint or other surface coating materials from metals and other mechanical components. Unlike the same paint strippers which is used widely, coating materials wouldn’t solve in this product. For this reason, the paint stripper can be filtered and be used for several times. From this point of view, this product has economical advantage for consumer.

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News to release

We are Proud to announce that our company”Future Green Micro System(RASA)”is now the authorized and exclusive distributor for”Sysbel” in HSE market in IRAN.


About Sysbel

SYSBEL®(Shanghai Sysbel Industry & Technology Co., Ltd.) is a company devoted to environment protection & employee safety and health.

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Sensor Designing And Manufacturing

  • G Switch
  •   Tilt Sensor
  • Temperature And Humidity Tag

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  • Formulation And Production of Industrial Solvents
  • Formulation And Producttion Of Industrial Cleaners
  • Spill Kit

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Laboratrory Equippments

  • Accelerometer
  • Protractoor Micro Sensor
  • Accelerometer Switch

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Training Workshop

  • Developing and conservation of the Nano particles of Copper, Silver and Gold for a long period
  • Lithography and Mask fabrication
  • Profile’s surface measurement

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Laberatory Service

  • Accelerometer
  • Protractor Micro Sensor
  • Accelerometer Switch

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Rasa News

  •  After the fruitful negotiation, RASA is now the authorized and exclusive distributor for Sysbel in HSE market in IRAN.
  • RASA” Research Team announced: For the first time in Iran, the service of “Lithography Mask making” is available for all applicants.
  • The first batch of “RASA Green Paint Remover (PS5 RASA) “delivered to IRANKHODRO at the eve of IRANIAN NEW YEAR.Recoverability, is the significant property of “PS5 RASA”
  • Ceramic Resin Development for 3D printers with the Foundry ability is now included in “RASA” services.
  • “ RASA “ Research Team rely on the 2 years study ,started the project of “ HIGH ASPECT RATIO “ using thick photo resist for metal electroplating up to 50 -100 µ